Dressing up in Western Cowboy and Cowgirl Outfits are great for both Halloween and Western Theme parties.

Be One of America’s Very Own SuperHero – The Cowboy and the Cowgirl.

Western Cowboy Child CostumeThe American cowboy and cowgirl are unique individuals.  The Cowboy is probably not as noble and ruggedly handsome as the images created of them in the movies.

Kids and Adults alike enjoy getting all decked out for Halloween or a Western Party as their favorite Western Cowboy or Cowgirl Character.

Western Outfits are available in Child, Teen, Adult and Plus Sizes for both Cowboys and Cowgirls.  Be sure to look at the selection of Western Accessories like the western boots and cowboy hats.

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Western Gunslinger Adult Plus Size CostumeThe Cowboy and cowgirl are a special breed who blazed a trail and carved out a civilization from the rugged wilderness of the American west.

We often hear more about the Cowboy than the Cowgirl, but each has contributed much to the exploration, taming and  settling of this great Nation, throughout the American West.

The Gunslinger

Often the image of the cowboy is that of an outlaw, renegade, gunslinger and loner.

Much of the legend of the cowboy came from stories about the broken southern army who took to the life of the cowboy rather than attempt to integrate into a society that included making peace with the “Yankee”.

Western Bounty Hunter Plus Size Adult CostumeThe Bounty Hunter

That type of individual did account for many of the outlaws who went on to become the stuff of the legends and stories we hear about to this day.

Dress Up as the Bounty Hunter from the Wild West in the Western Costume shown on the left.

It was a difficult life.  Many of the stories became a part of our history. But far more of the stories glorify the hard lifestyle on the trail.

The renegade and loner image was combined with the rough life of an actual cowboy.

Wesern Gambler Adult CostumeThe Gambler

The western movies usually portray the Gunslingers and the Bounty Hunters spending many hours in the Saloons drinking, enjoying the company of saloon girls and partaking in their favorite card games.  Gambling was a part of their lifestyle.

The Ladies will follow you anywhere when you appear at the next Western Party or Halloween costume party dressed as The Gambler as pictured on the right.

The successful Gambler would travel from town to town earning a living through card games of chance.  Disputes would often arise due to claims of cheating and gunfights would settle the matter.

Western Gunman Adult CostumeA cowboy’s job was to take care of ranches and guide huge herds of cattle on miles of trails to stockyards where they could be sold.

The Renegade Cowboy

Think of Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and A Fist Full of Dollars.  His western movies depicted the lone, renegade cowboy.

The image of the cowboy grew larger than what the actual lifestyle of those simple but rugged men must have lived in the American west.

It was an image of a man who demonstrated the rugged individualism that Americans consider to be one of the central unifying traits that makes America great.

Western Lone Ranger Adult CostumeThe American cowboy defends the virtue of the weak and helpless.  He is a staunch defender of family and those in society who are tried to carve out a home in a difficult world.

The American cowboy fits with the ‘superhero” image that also appeals to the American system of justice and morality and values.

One of America’s Favorite Masked Man was …

The Lone Ranger

Hi Ho Silver…and Away!

Western Lone Ranger Gal CostumeThe Lone Ranger was a popular television show there were several movies that were spun off the television series.

For many years we followed the adventures of The Lone Ranger traveled with his faithful steed, Silver and his Native American Indian childhood friend and partner in justice, Tonto.

This Masked Man was a Hero of the West.  The perfect Western Couples outfit.  You can be the Hero of your next Western or Costume party as you and your other half dress up in Lone Ranger Western Costumes.

The Lone Ranger’s Code was a belief in our Creator, Country and fellow man.  To fight for what was right and for truth and justice.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again!

Cowboy Concept

The cowboy concept grew up from a history of our country that included the settling of a big wild western land and the settling of a wilderness that pit the god given will and intellect of man against God’s creation.  And it was the will of man that prevailed.  This is why American’s admire the cowboy.  The Cowboy represents peoples own struggles for greatness, for success and to be a heroic figure.